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Web design and Web development

By Hashim Barman

Web design

Web design is the practice of creating website’s files of contents or doing maintenance of a websites, simple. Web design or website design encompasses several programming skills and disciplines in the construction and maintenance of website. These skills include webpage interface design, layout making, content styling, and graphic design.

Web designer is anyone who plans, designs, creates, and often maintains websites in terms of updating the contents of the websites. Content is web designer-developer-SEO speech address for the images, text, video, sound, etc., that a website contains. Web designer often use different softwares to do their job.

I can declare by looking on my search statistics that people are searching for both web design company and web development company key phrases. While the terminology web design and web development are frequently used interchangeably, web design is technically a division of the broader group of web development.

Web development

Web development is the process of influencing the web design to effective website by using uncommon encoding skills.

Website developer manipulates codes and proprietary software to bring the web design to dynamic website. Web developer also maintains the website and updating the codes for different reasons including protection of the website and users’ sensitive information.

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Hashim Barman is the director of the Malindi Web Design and Search Engine Optimization based in Malindi Kenya. He was a journalist with a local newspaper published many article in various websites.


  • submit article web design directoryAthman Omar

    Thanks for great article about web design and web development you clarified what was a doubt in my mind for long time.

  • submit article web design directoryMiky

    Now in this article you made clear the difference between web design and web development despite being confusing terms.

  • submit article web design directoryJohn

    Still there is something I don't understand, because some people they say they are web designers but also they do the same jobs like those who say are web developers.

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