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Watamu is a little, gorgeous as well as a peaceful town situated on the North Coast of Kenya. Watamu sandwiched between pure beaches and green tropical forest approximately 16 Kms from Malindi Airport on North and on South 100 kilometers from Mombasa. Watamu has a population of around 20,000 and it is part of the Kilifi County. The majority of population is Bajuni tribe.

Tourism and fishing are the main industries in Watamu. The once a fishermen village is homeland to the Bajuni and Giriama tribes. As at the present, a mixture of tribes from interior Kenya has immigrated to the region for employment in the tourism industry.

There is exceptional seashore of coral formations set in 3 lovely bays, Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle bays. Watamu developed an international reputation for its immaculate white-sand beaches which designate Watamu one of the ten best beaches in the world; steeped in organic fauna and vegetation.

Watamu Website Design, Watamu website development Company In Watamu Kenya

Watamu has reef-sheltered lagoons, which border the oldest National Marine Park and Reserves in East Africa. Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves cover more than 229 km sq. The protected Marine Park and Reserve considered the best snorkeling and diving point on the coast of East Africa.

Watamu Marine Park and Reserve is distinguished globally for its natural beauty and boasts a precious aquatic excitement from the visiting Whale Sharks and Manta Rays to three species of Sea Turtle. The Park along with its coral gardens are one of the main justifications for divers to visit and return to Watamu over again.

Watamu is the complete paradise for holiday makers since is close to Tsavo National Park for wildlife safaris. Watamu also has a number of excellent hotels and restaurants stretch along its beach roads, so it's barely a wonder that it's the considerate location visitors go back for a second time.

These are some reasons to like Watamu

  1. Beautiful beaches
  2. Adequate of places to go out for a beverage or feast
  3. Deep Sea Fishing
  4. Creek fishing
  5. Goggling (Snorkeling)
  6. Wind-Surfing
  7. Kite-Surfing
  8. Kayak safaris
  9. dhow rides
  10. Deep Sea Fishing
  11. Creek fishing
  12. Snorkeling (Goggling)
  13. Wind-Surfing
  14. Ideal weather
  15. Friendly people
  16. Colourful nightlife

Places to go and things to do around Watamu Kenya

  • Watamu Marine National Park
  • Mida Creek
  • Gedi National Monument
  • Arabuko-Sokoke National Park
  • Malindi Marine National Park
  • Mnarani National Monument
  • The Ghost Cities of the Swahili Coast

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